Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling:
Sumatran coffees can be the most earthy, low-toned, and rustic of the Indonesian coffee-growing world. Low-acid, deep, complex; it is entirely sensed in the anterior regions of the palate. It has a pleasing, tangy bittersweet and aggressive musty twist in the flavor which makes it so popular among fans of the darker roast.

We push this coffee the farthest of all our coffees into the second snap.  We want to get lots of body in the cup without losing all of the origin of the bean.  This is a challenging bean to roast because it is quite uneven in it's look near the end of the roast.  Gauging the right moment to drop the roast is a trick sometimes.  The smell of this bean at the 9 minute mark in the roast is amazing. But in the end I probably trust the time, temperature, and the sound of 2nd snap more than anything so that we can get a consistent taste from roast to roast.

Roast level: Medium Dark

In the cup: Hints of chocolate, butterscotch and spice.


One 12oz bag makes approximately 6 pots of brewed coffee.