Generosity Campaign

Our Generosity Dinner last year enabled us to pay down the loan on our facility by $30,000!  We need to pay it off completely this year so that we can move forward on some other opportunities for greater impact!  Would you prayerfully consider a tax-deductible donation to help us accomplish this goal?

Our Goal: $65,000

  • All Gifts ultimately help us accomplish our Mission and Vision.

  • $50,000 pays off our loan.

(Paying off now ultimately helps us save $10,000!)

  • $5,000 helps toward 2020 fall/winter outreach ministries.

  • $10,000 helps us launch a new Jobs Program in 2021 at Eleos Ministries

2020 Eleos Ministries Fundraiser

Current Total raised:



(Goal: $65,000)

Thank You So Much!!!

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All Donations are Tax Deductible