While being passionate about great coffee, our vision goes much deeper.  Ultimately we desire our coffee houses to be a catalyst for community transformation.  We hope to see a culture of godliness and goodness among the residents of our communities that is directly traceable to an acceptance of the good news of God's love in Jesus. We believe this transformation will be evidenced in noticeable decreased crime, neighbor helping neighbor, a sense of morality and a renewed vibrancy in churches to engage the community with compassion, preach the gospel and disciple believers toward maturity in Christ.
To glorify God by making disciples through gospel-driven ministries of compassion.
This mission inspires us to have a quality product that brings value to our communities and a place that is inviting, safe and fosters lasting relationships for the glory of God.  Acts of compassion and the good news about Jesus is the common thread of all we do.
Community Connection

These are the qualities that govern all we do. Whether we are selecting and roasting a new coffee bean or assisting a neighborhood resident, we want to model a life impacted by the good news of Jesus Christ.


We currently deal directly with two importers, Anthem Coffee Imports and Kapeh Utz, to ensure that the coffees we use are making a difference in their country of origin.  We are also working with a team that is currently forming a new cooperative in Honduras to enable these farmers to begin benefitting from their hard work.

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